Some of the most popular classes at our studio are our gentler breathing + stretching classes. These include Yin, Healing, and Restorative. At first blush, these all might sound pretty similar. But there are some subtle differences.

So which one’s right for you? The short answer: All of them. All three are great for newbies and veterans alike. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

YIN is a more static, cooling class. It’s great if your body is tight, such as from running or sitting at a computer all day. In this class, we hold just a few poses (usually anywhere from 5-7) for time. As an example, we might sit for 3-5 minutes in Butterfly or Sphinx pose. This lets you explore your edge and start to release the fascia, our deepest connective tissues. Side note: This class is often less helpful for people who are already hyper-mobile. We suggest you try Healing or Restorative instead.

In HEALING, we move around a bit more, but mindfully. We explore slow stretches and intentional breathing that helps us create mental clarity and space in our bodies. It’s a low-impact class that doesn’t take much stamina. We think EVERYONE should do this class at least once a week. No matter if you’re brand-new to yoga or the fittest of the fittest. Because it’s an excellent complement to other fitness routines.

Our RESTORATIVE class is great for all levels. In this class, we lie down and get comfy. We make ample use of props to support our bodies, with a goal of getting 100% comfortable and relaxed. Unlike in Yin where you’ll actually play with your edge, to see if you can take it farther. So this is a low-impact, peaceful class.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea of which of our breathing + stretching classes might fit best for you. We look forward to breathing and stretching with you at Yoga8!