Kimberly Damm

Owner of Yoga8 / 200 E-RYT Instructor/ ExpertRating Fitness Coach

"Yoga is for every BODY, we will not judge you on your body type, financial stature or any struggles you may currently be experiencing. Instead, we stand here with open arms to embrace, encourage and love you through this journey of life. Please come join us and become part of our family."

Kimberly Damm is a lover of God, family, yoga, people, life, fitness and endurance sports. She has been teaching yoga for the past 5 years in the Waco area. Her mission is to help ALL people find a better quality of life. She created the studio with the intention of having a safe space for all to practice yoga. She is extremely passionate about the healing powers of yoga and is on a a mission to introduce yoga to those who have experienced trauma, those who have lots of stress and anxiety and those who feel that they "do not have" the body to do yoga.  At her studio you are not just a face but she will get to know you on a personal level and help you reach your goals. Community and support is really important to her so her studio provides scholarships for those who need assistance for memberships. 

When she is not teaching yoga at the studio you can find her being a mom and a wife, teaching Relaxation and Fitness at Baylor University, training for Ironman or a marathon, having coffee with friends or studying to become a yoga therapists.

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Amber Minnick

200 RYT Instructor



Bonnie Finch

500 RYT Instructor

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Confetti Llama

200 RYT Instructor



Elizabeth Oates



Jackie Brewer

200 Hour Instructor

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Joy Pfanner

200 RYT Instructor

When Joy stepped into a yoga studio for the first time as a college sophomore, she didn’t know entirely what yoga was.

“My body felt kind of awkward at first trying out the poses, but I remember when I went into child’s pose the first time, I had this almost spiritual experience,” Joy says. “After a year of consistent practice, I noticed a substantial reduction in symptoms; and I continue to notice how it helps decrease my pain levels associated with fibromyalgia. It’s amazing!”

As a full-time social worker and therapist, job stress can take its toll on Joy, along with but yoga—and the safety and community she’s found at Yoga8—offer restoration and a means of coping with a very emotionally and spiritually taxing vocation.  

“Serving and caring for others is the essence of the work I do,” Joy explains. “Yoga philosophy lines up so well not only with my profession, but also with my faith and world perspective. I am constantly working towards things like contentment, living simply, compassion for others and for myself, self-reflection, and self-acceptance. All of those things are part of yoga. Yoga has been the best ‘medicine’ that I’ve ever found, and I’m so grateful!”

When Joy isn’t on the mat working on “upside-down things” (e.g., headstands, handstands, other inversions), “back-bend things,” twists and—always—proper alignment, you might find her reading and snuggling her rescue cat, Roo, as well as her husband; listening to music; making art; enjoying a peaceful sunset; or exploring the world as she loves to travel. 

As her name implies, Joy brings all of the positivity and self-love she can muster to her practice and to Yoga8, valuing the practice of yoga over specific outcomes or achievements. 

When frustration rears its head, Joy likes “to become a detective of my own experience,” she says. “I ask myself, ‘What is it about this pose that is frustrating to me? What is my body telling me in this moment as I try this pose? How can I listen and honor my body’s limitations, while also challenging myself to try new things?”


Kim Stuebben

200 RYT Instructor

one time, early in her yoga journey, Kim admits she was a little intimidated by yoga studios. These days, however, she spends a whole lot of time at Yoga8, practicing and teaching. 

Kim holds a B.A. in religious studies and M.Div. in spiritual formation and discipleship. She has also completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Beyond the Mat, hosted at Yoga8, and plans to dive right into the 300-hour program starting fall 2018.

“I think the practice of yoga also includes teaching, guiding, and bringing light to those who seek to learn,” Kim says. “In focusing on how to teach and sequencing poses [or asanas] for others, I find a greater awareness of the benefits of certain poses and, in turn, find a greater care for my own body in my personal practice.”

More than increased strength and flexibility, Kim is grateful for the ways in which yoga has improved her anxiety, finding that a consistent practice, meditation, and a particular focus on pranayama, or regulation of the breath, have changed her response to those anxious thoughts and feelings. 

“Yoga helps me calm the nerves, stop the mind chatter and become ultimately present with what is happening rather than reverting to my usual tendency to spiral into worry and fear,” Kim says. “My breath has become my greatest tool in the moments when I find myself anxious, and I’m able to pull myself back to the present and back to my true self. Essentially, yoga is the complete acceptance of the present, no matter what is happening in life—all of it is good and perfect for practicing peace.”

When she’s not on the mat (training her core of late, aiming for a more fluid handstand!), you’re likely to find Kim hiking in Cameron Park; baking delicious vegan sweet treats and breads; working at University Baptist Church where she’s the office manager; or meditating with her husband or Juma, “the most wonderful cat in the universe.” She also enjoys organizing!

“I love organizing and making better use of spaces,” she says. “I’ve rearranged my home four times over the last year!”


Leslie Rangel

500 RYT Instructor

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Michelle Mahone

200 RYT Instructor

Having grown up in California, Michelle is accustomed to the unique tranquility one feels when gazing out on a vast body of water. In fact, it was on a grassy hill overlooking the Pacific that a friend first demonstrated for Michelle downward facing dog pose (adho mukha svanasana) and tree pose (vrikshasana)  for her to try. 

“I remember feeling my muscles work in these poses, and the delight of trying something new and freeing,” Michelle recalls. “From that point I continued to experiment with yoga, trying different classes at different studios until I discovered the power of a regular practice.”

A psychologist by training, Michelle can spend the better part of the workday observing others. Meanwhile, yoga offers a unique kind of inward observation—a chance to pay attention to her breathing and gently strengthen the connection between her own mind and body. 

“To me, yoga is about slowing down and connecting mindfully with yourself,” she says. “It is taking time out to observe without judgment, which dovetails nicely with my professional training. I have learned that this time spent observing is essential to my health but also helps me in my yoga practice. I get to feel into my body and take time out for myself to breathe, stretch and flow.”

Water is still essential in her life, though she has traded the Pacific for Lake LBJ, where her family goes to get away. 

“Being at the family lake house is my happy place and it is where I fell in love with Texas,” she says. “I love to bike and to be outdoors. I enjoy doing yoga on the pier there and watching my dog run, jump and play in the water.”

Another happy place is certainly at Yoga8, as a student and now teacher. She says this studio is the first place where she has felt encouraged to connect her faith with her yoga practice.  

“When I attended my first Yoga8 class, I teared up at the end in savasana [corpse pose, or final resting pose].  I heard ‘Amazing Grace,’ something I never expected to hear in a yoga studio, especially coming from the West Coast. My practice had been one of physical discipline and some mental discipline. What I found at Yoga8 was a welcoming, inviting atmosphere that allowed and even beckoned a deeper spiritual connection.  It was such a powerful experience. I also loved the way the studio felt walking in—there was a warmth in the space. The lights reflected in such a pretty way. I knew I had found my yoga home.”


Michelle Shackelford

200 RYT Instructor

It was yoga that showed Michelle something she was greatly lacking in her life: Shalom. Her favorite Hebrew word, shalom, she says, is a massive concept that is so much deeper than raising two fingers in the air and saying “peace.” 

“One Rabbi defines shalom as ‘nothing missing, nothing broken, perfect peace.’ Shalom is more than outward stillness; it is outer and inner and altogether wholeness,” she says. “It is wholeness and well-being for you, for me and for all of us as one community.” 

The practice, study and teaching of yoga serve to move Michelle ever toward that perfect wholeness, toward the True Self. 

“Yoga pervades all of life and is vital for completeness, wholeness, shalom,” she says. “It is impossible to practice yoga on the mat without that practice affecting the whole of your life.”

Also vital to Michelle’s life is art. In her spare time (and occasionally during her graduate classes at George W. Truett Theological Seminary) she works on her hand lettering. She enjoys singing and playing guitar and piano. And, taught by her grandmother, Michelle enjoys sewing.  

“My hero, Grandmom, taught me to sew and to quilt from a young age. When I settle into a sewing project, I often feel Grandmom’s presence all around me, and I am reminded of how deeply I am loved.”

If you take a class with Michelle, you are sure to meet Joy, a trained Service Dog who has learned to honor the Yoga8 studio space as a special place (just as her human, Michelle, sees it!) and is always on her best behavior. 

“I consider Yoga8—the physical space, the people who practice alongside me, the community here—to be one of three pillars that hold up the weight of life for me,” Michelle says. “This is a place where I take shelter. I have found few places on Earth where I feel safe, both physically and emotionally, to do the real work of finding shalom. Yoga8 is one of those places.”


Patrick Dove

200 RYT Instructor

If you follow Yoga8 on social media, you may well have seen Patrick graciously demonstrating a number of poses, including Eka Pada Bakasana—a.k.a. “one-legged crow” or “flying crow”—an extremely challenging arm balance he is always refining. 

“One-legged crow involves a lot of core strength, so I’m always training my core. Core, core core,” he says. “And my favorite, feel-good poses have to be supine twists.” 

    Like most who practice consistently, Patrick’s yoga practice is far more than exercise; it is a critical part of his connection with God, which keeps him “feeling strong, happy and free.”

“I could write a novel about it, but, in short, yoga has helped me overcome depression and addiction,” Patrick says. “I started yoga as part of a recovery program and fell in love with it—back then, I practiced two to three times a day for about a year.” 

After relapsing into old habits, it would be four years before Patrick discovered the power of his own breath and pranayama, or the intentional regulation of the breath.

    “I started the Wim Hof Method—breathing techniques that involve pranayama,” he says. “Through pranayama I experienced the full presence of God and began anew a conversation with my Higher Power, with God. This conversation took the drink away, lead me back to church and to Scripture, and taught me what I needed to do to stay sober.”

Patrick began practicing yoga once again—at first in his home—before gaining the confidence to practice in a studio environment. 

“When I went in search for a studio, I tried a couple that were closer to my house; but I felt immediately at home after my first class at Yoga8,” Patrick says. “Yoga8 has been there for me, to guide me through my asana practice and back to aspects of the eight limbs of yoga. When I can't get out of my head, I know I can come here and get help with clearing out the clutter so I can meditate.” 

     Having completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program through Beyond the Mat, hosted at Yoga8, Patrick enjoys helping others to experience the transformative power of yoga as an instructor. Off the mat, you might spot Patrick reading at a local coffee shop, listening to music, cooking up delicious vegan recipes, hiking, running or strength training.


Roxanne Glaser

200 RYT Instructor

With an open heart for beginners and those in need of healing, Roxanne enjoys teaching Candlelight Healing and Hatha Basics classes, as well as the Absolute Beginners’ Workshop Series at Yoga8. 

“I can remember how it felt to be anxious about my first class,” Roxanne recalls. “I would drive past the studio and see the big Yoga8 sign on Woodway Drive. Eventually, I signed up for my first class and I can still remember how nervous I was. I was not able to keep up; I was frustrated by not knowing what a ‘vinyasa’ was. But I kept attending classes. As I grew in my practice, I decided to enroll in 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training.”

As director of marketing and learning at i2i Technologies, Roxanne’s weekdays are busy. She seeks restoration and peace not only through yoga, but from the evening sunset, from time with family and through her artwork.  

“Connecting with friends and family is important to me,” she says. “With as busy as everyone has become, personal connections must be nurtured or time slips by and you can easily become disconnected. I also teach hand lettering classes and do design work through my SuperDoodleGirl Designs business. It brings me joy to be able to teach and to see others play and be creative.” 

Roxanne tries to live out “acceptance” every day. When frustrations want to rise to the surface in her practice and in life, she tries to remember “to not attach a judgement to it. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about it. It simply is,” she says. “When I began to focus on accepting where my body is at this moment, my body began to heal and progress. My body has healed from several injuries. I have moved through an intense season of grief and continue to practice daily mindfulness and self-forgiveness. I find myself being able to move through my days more easily.” 

Roxanne is currently challenged by poses like crow pose (bakasana) and half-moon pose (ardha chandrasana) which offer opportunities to practice self-forgiveness as well as a time for focus, building strength and simply playing with balance.

“I would encourage anyone who is interested in yoga to come to Yoga8, introduce yourself to instructor, and enjoy the journey.”


Sarah Neelley

200 Hour Instructor

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Tomi Petty

200 RYT Instructor / Fitness Coach

Tomi's yoga journey started back in San Francisco, California. It was here that she fell in love with the spiritual aspect of the practice and found that yoga was not only good for her body, but good for her mind as well. 10 years later she is still practicing yoga and loving it. As a certified personal trainer she preaches the benefits of yoga to each and every client, and tries to incorporate it into every program she designs. She spends her down time hiking, traveling, spending time with friends and relaxing with her dog, Watson.