200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our next 200 hour program will start June 19, 2019


Our Program

Our well rounded program was developed with you in mind to not only gain confidence in teaching, but also in your own personal practice. You will find, and be, the best version of you! Our detailed alignment principals will teach you how to align individual people and not just bodies.

The entire program is interlaced with Anatomy, Sanskrit terms, subtle energy focuses, and yoga philosophy. We will give you the tools to develop your own sequences for every stage of your teaching and to expand your own personal practice. The 200 hrs Transform program was created for your teaching, your practice and for your life beyond the mat.


Free Info Session

Join us for a free information session. We will have a in-depth discussion about the upcoming program and Q&A. Please RSVP below to attend the session.

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Training DETAILS


Wednesdays   5:45 pm - 9:15pm
Fridays   6:00pm - 9:30pm
Saturdays   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Week 1
Opening Circle + Tadasana + Anatomy Basics

Surya A + Surya B + Lumbar/Pelvic Anatomy

Week 2
Standing Externally Rotated + 8 Limbs + Anatomy of Hip/Thigh

Week 3
Forward Folds + Hands on Assists + Philosophy

Week 4
Chakras + Hips Openers + Knee + Sequencing 

Week 5
Pranayama/Bandhas + Anatomy of Respiratory/Chest+ Backbends

Week 6
Anatomy of Head/Neck + Twists + Ayurveda 

Week 7
Special Populations + Using Props + Restorative Yoga + Prenatal + Teaching Beginners

Week 8
Body Systems + Nutrition + Ankle/Foot + Balance Poses + Subtle Body 

Week 9
Inversions + Business of Yoga

Week 10
Final Exam and Practicum