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“I started at Yoga8 over 6 months ago when I was about 5 ½ months pregnant. I had never done yoga before and all of the instructors were incredibly helpful and encouraging. They continuously worked with me to adjust positions and create a safe workout. Yoga8 truly helped me through the final months of my pregnancy. Each class helped me manage my joint pain, flexibility, and stress. I can’t imagine going through those months without the support of all the people at Yoga8! Thank you!!!!”

–Kristin Rose 8/30/18



"They are so incredibly patient with each individual and help everyone each step of the way! Their aerial yoga class was probably one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever experienced, hands down!"

–Simran Kuar 8/8/18



"Yoga8 has improved my lifestyle significantly! All my back problems are gone and I feel stronger than ever before. The Core30 and Kick-Ur-Asana classes are my favorite because they go beyond the basics and you don't leave the class without breaking a sweat. Yoga is truly the BEST medicine in the world. Kim, the owner, is such a caring and loving person, you will immediately feel a connection. Her passion for yoga is reflected in the way she teaches and inspires others! She sees every individual that enters her studio as a unique person and gives her all to ensure we understand the cues that will not only help us during the class, but be better for life. Her cues are stuck in my head and help me with my posture and back issues throughout the day. No matter if you are new to yoga or experienced, you will be treated amazing at this place. This is the BEST yoga place in Waco! Thank you for all you do, Kim!!! :)"

–Anju 5/11/18



"And this is how I ended my day with Kimberly Speckert Damm @ Yoga8. A few breathes later, made my day better. Namaste homies."

(photo of a woman in a namesta pose, with the words 'Deep breaths' at the bottom)

–Michelle Williams 7/31/18



"Great 'SUP Yoga' with Kim Damm from Yoga8. Amazing place, check them out!"

–Pura Vida Paddle 6/16/18



"I am new to yoga and was looking for something to help me get in shape. I have attended several different classes and loved all of them!! Thank you, Yoga8 for igniting a fire within me!"

–Katie Morgan 6/13/18



"Love the instructors. They all make sure if you have pre existing conditions that you don’t hurt yourself. Everything about the studio is warm and inviting."

–Kayla Smith 6/1/18



"I'm new to yoga, but absolutely love this studio. Kim is amazing and I love that she isn't shy about her love for God. She is very encouraging and positive. So real and down to earth. But then again, I haven't found an instructor that I don't like. I am already so impressed with the changes I have noticed in myself, spiritually and emotionally. I am so excited to continue on this newfound journey of wholeness and well being."

–Amanda Haygood 4/3/18



"It has been over a year since I started at yogaeight. This studio with all their instructors has been my favorite!! or better yet the best studio I have been in. They are encouraging, challenging, silly, happy, and very friendly. I like them so much that I even wake up at 5:00a.m. to be able to fit yoga into my schedule. If you have a busy schedule you will sure appreciate the options they offer. I have seen an overall improvement in my strength, mood, energy, and flexibility. If you are looking to make yoga your fitness practice come and check out yogaeight, I am sure you won't be disappointed."

– Mieke 1/17/18



"Amazing studio. Open, inviting, accepting, challenging, comforting. Everything you'd want."

–K'Lynn Childress 11/30/17



"Awesome atmosphere and staff! Highly recommend the aerial yoga! All classes I have done are top notch."

–Erin Ward 10/30/17



"They are so loving, accepting, patient, and beyond kind! The environment was inviting and peaceful and I definitely enjoyed every minute of being there."

–Laura Stevenson 9/25/17



"Such an amazing place to practice yoga. All their instructors are warm and careing. So many different classes, I love them all!"

–Patrick Dove 9/14/17



"I love the teachers and the environment! So peaceful and relaxing!"

–Aundrea Nicole Stevens



"Great instruction. First week and I'm feeling more flexible!"

–Kirk MacLean 7/21/17



"I finished my first week at Yoga8 and I absolutely love it! When I first met Kim, the owner, I was immediately drawn in by her energy as this genuine, caring, loving, peaceful person that I really wanted to be around more. I've taken a few different classes with Kim, Ann and Bonnie and they are all really nice and personable women. I had never done any yoga before Yoga8 and I'm officially addicted. I was looking for a change in my life, something positive and peaceful, something I could do that made me feel good inside and out and so far that's what Yoga8 is doing for me. I couldn't be more pleased!"

–Alisha Quintanilla 7/14/17



"Since moving to Waco, I've been searching for a powerful yoga class that would leave me cleansed and energized. That's what I've found at Yoga8, and I'm so grateful. The instructors are caring and invested in their students. I'm still experimenting with the different classes, but I'm excited to embark on a journey with Yoga8."

–Caitlin Giddens 11/9/15



"Kim is the real deal!! I'm still not sure if I spent an hour at the spa, a grace filled church, or getting a ridiculous workout!! All the details from light and music changes to cool towels, and encouraging, joyful people made me want to stay for the next class!"

–Becca Herbert 11/5/15



"I was attracted to the "no judgement zone". At 59, and semi-broken down after surgeries, trauma and "life", my body was crying out to me to make it come alive again. I have felt enveloped with encouragement. After less than 10 classes, I am coming alive again. Neuropathy in my feet is becoming manageable and abating. Arthritis in my hands is periodically waning. Pain from two surgeries is becoming negligible and hip damage is stretching its way into flexibility. I have a goal. Not to reach a specific achievement, but to never stop reaching for the next best "feeling". Thank you Kimberley and Pamela for knowing my body will not go some places, but encouraging me to continue and go to the next level of comfort. This is a zone of love and encouragement. I am standing behind beautiful young humans who are twisted like a pretzel yet I feel like a rock star when I see their strength and use it to push myself to the next level."

–Debbie Colwick 8/18/15



"Yoga8 is just what the doctor ordered! I have an very busy schedule, so at the end of the day, Yoga8 is exactly what I need! Kim is amazing! she can work you out, make you laugh, and totally relax you all at the same time! This is the best medicine I could ever take!"

–Kim Ambercrombie 7/2/15



"Love Yoga8! It's yoga for anyone, and any fitness level. There's a class for you!"

–Angie Wood 6/12/15



"I cannot say enough good things about this studio and Kim, the instructor. First off, I feel so welcome when I come. Kim makes everyone feel as though she has known them for years. She lets you go at your own pace and doesn't force you to do anything or any pose that you don't want to. Secondly, I struggle with body issues and stress, but when I come to this class, it is like none of that matters...."

–Heather Crawford 6/8/15



"I adore Yoga8! It's a big, beautiful studio. The people who teach and attend are amazing. There are a variety of different classes. Whether a beginner or having practiced for years, this is the place for all. And, if you are looking for true hot yoga, you just found it!"

–Amy Evans 6/4/15



"Kim is the perfect combination of badass and relaxing.. What more do you need? If you're having a bad day- force yourself to get to the studio and you WILL leave in a great mood, feeling energized, and extra stretchy!!"

–Christy Noble 4/2/15



"I only tried yoga a year ago because I was invited by a few co-workers. I thought it would be fun to try something new...my expectation ended there.  They say "You don't know what you don't know".  So true. I had no idea I needed yoga in my life. I had no idea it was a missing piece.

It is so cliche to say yoga has changed my life, but it truly has.  I started yoga at a time when I was feeling very unsure of myself, not physically, but emotionally.  I was in the thick of a hard personal struggle and yoga gave me confidence. In a million years I wouldn't have expected that. It became so much more than a physical workout. Out of nowhere I started feeling worthwhile.

And Kim?  Kim is the best teacher I could have.  Because she is the best kind of encourager... genuine." 

–Mandi Buenger 1/17/15



 "Hands down Yoga w Kim is addicting.  She engages each class with passion, instruction, challenging moves and humor and peace of mind all at the same time. It is incredible.  Whole heartedly believe each week I am a better me for attending. Love it, love it.  Thank you Kim."

—Patricia Meadows 1/15/15



"Before attending Yoga8 Hot Yoga class, I thought yoga was stretching only. I never thought that I would be building muscle and sweating like I just ran across the world... These ladies bring the heat! I'm talking about a ridiculously fun workout that really burns some calories. There are all levels of strength! You can be a burns-so-good-participant or a relax-and-stretch participant (or anything in between) all in the same class. It's a NO JUDGMENT ZONE, filled with beautiful souls wanting the best for you. I'm a huge believer not only in them but Yoga! Mind, Body, Soul. #bestplaceever #yogastrength #yogafitness #everyonelovesKim&Angie #IStillDontHaveMyFunkyPinchaGrrr" 

—Stevie Johnston 10/26/14



"These ladies (Kim & Angie) go far above and beyond to try and accommodate everyone no matter their physical or mental condition! Thank you so much ladies for doing such a great job at offering a variety of classes for all interests and fitness levels, and always coming to work with a smile! It definitely makes a difference and makes you stand out! Oh yea, and thank you so much for beginning the name of the group with "yoga!" Makes it easy to remember for looking up! :D"

—Ema Humphries 6/19/14



"I love this place and the instructors really care about my health." 

—Sherry Speckert 6/9/14



"My personal goal and mission in life is to constantly seek and find joy in the journey, whatever the journey may be, Yoga8 helps me daily to keep that focus and hopefully inspire others in their journey." 

—Angie Spence 5/20/14