Ever feel as though you’re sort of “winging it” a little bit on the mat, wanting more confidence and intention in your practice? Maybe you enjoy the workout, but all the sutras and bandhas and chakras make about as much sense as Matthew McConaughey in those Lincoln car commercials. Perhaps you suspect yoga could give you something more—you’re just not sure how to access it. 

The 200-hour Transform Program offered at Yoga8 was created not only for instructors, but the every-yogi who is ready to expand, inform and deepen his or her yoga journey—on and off the mat. 

Our next yoga teacher training program begins January 2018!  So, if you’re even the least bit curious, join one of our FREE info sessions on November 25 at 2 p.m. or December 9 at 2 p.m. Please RSVP to attend at yogaeight.net/teacher-training. In the meantime, check out what these 200-hour Transform graduates had to say:


Michelle Williams

Part-time Finance and Operations Assistant,

Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga8: How long have you been practicing yoga? 

Michelle Williams: I'd dabbled in yoga here and there over the years but my real journey started at Yoga8 July 2015. I started taking yoga classes and realized how much better I felt afterwards. I loved the sense of not only strengthening my muscles but gaining flexibility in a once overly tight body. My mind was more relaxed as well. #winning 

Y8: Why did you decide to join the 200-hour teacher training class at Yoga8? 

MW: A discussion with Kim Damm led me to pursue my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I've taught various group fitness exercise classes for a couple of decades. I knew that as I aged I needed something for myself that would help me increase my flexibility. And what I discovered was several of my students/clients weren't doing anything to work on their flexibility training. As a trainer I wanted to be able to provide that missing link for others in hopes that they would benefit greatly like I did. 

Y8: What sorts of topics did the teacher training cover? What, if anything, surprised you?

MW: We covered anatomy, yoga postures, eight limbs of yoga, pranayama, bandhas, chakras, teaching methods, meditation, ayurveda, nutrition, teaching for special populations, yoga philosophy, ethics, class formatting—and how to deal with life! 

One thing that truly amazed me was seeing my progress and feeling myself surrender into a more relaxed state. I was easing into poses that started to feel really good. That is amazing to me considering the length of my legs assumes two-thirds of my body. 

Y8: Are you now or do you plan to begin teaching yoga?

MW: I don't teach any full-blown yoga classes yet but I’ve subbed yoga at the YMCA of Central Texas, taught a fusion class that incorporates some elements of yoga, taught a few mini yoga classes at CG [Camp Gladiator], provide personal yoga training for a client. Future goals: Bringing yoga to whomever is willing to receive it and teaching at Yoga8.

Y8: How has this experience affected your own yoga journey?

MW: I'm thoroughly enjoying it! What's life without Down Dog or Child's Pose? Stressed more than likely! My mind, body and spirit have learned to be in harmony. Oh my, that's a great feeling. Things that use to rattle me don't bother me as much. I've learned to breathe and to take each day for what it brings. I've learned to honor my body and be ok with where I'm currently at. Completing the 200-hour teacher training is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I'm privileged to be surrounded by a wonderful cast of characters at Yoga8. I encourage others to consider the training. You'll learn a lot and will probably make discoveries about yourself along the way.  


Roxanne Glaser

Director, Marketing & Learning at i2i Technologies

200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Yoga8: What was your motivation for joining the 200-hour teacher training class?

Roxanne Glaser: My husband passed away in September of 2015 and I began practicing yoga in November 2015. Yoga was the only healthy relief from grief that I could find. I decided to enroll in the teacher training class to deepen my practice. At the time, I really wanted to improve my asana practice. I did not intend to teach. I simply wanted to be able to get into the poses quicker and smoother.


Y8: What did you gain through teacher training that you weren’t expecting?

RG: What surprised me the most was how my body began to heal from the intense grief. My sister had passed away eight months after my husband, so when I began teacher training, I was early in my grief journey and experiencing significant physical pain. Eventually, my knees and hips began to heal and become more open. I was surprised at how much my focus shifted from being attached to outcomes to focusing on the journey and being present wherever I was—physically and mentally. I was surprised at how much more to yoga there is than the physical practice.

Y8: How would you describe the instruction?

RG: Jessica was so incredibly knowledgeable. Beginning with the second weekend, we—the students—were teaching one another. The feedback and confidence that we built through that practice-teaching was amazing. Jessica is so in tune with her students that she provides exactly what we need to continue to move forward in our skills and confidence as instructors and practitioners of yoga. Love her so much!

Y8: Are you now or do you plan to begin teaching yoga?

RG: I never planned to teach, but during teacher training, I discovered restorative yoga and that truly accelerated my physical healing so I am delighted to be able to teach a Healing Class on Wednesdays at Yoga8. Giving back and creating a healing environment for others brings me such joy. I am also working on “The Absolute Beginners Yoga Workshop,” probably for January 2018, to help people new to yoga learn the language and basic poses so they can be confident and comfortable in yoga class. 

Y8: How has teacher training affected your own yoga journey—on and off the mat?

RG: As I mentioned, my body healed physically and now I am confident in class. My body doesn't flow like, say, Kim’s, and that is okay. I trust that my journey is my own and I don't compare it to others’ any more. The biggest shifts for me have been in my mental capacity to accept what is now, versus thinking that whatever is happening will last forever. I am not as attached to thoughts, things or outcomes. 

I have also discovered that my passion and talent is working with newcomers to yoga. I love helping them learn how to make their practice their own and be comfortable adapting poses to meet the needs of their body—not that of their neighbor's. Seeing the looks on my students' faces at the end of a healing class makes my day!