When you truly let go of all your fears and put all your faith in God, life becomes euphoric! After losing two dear friends last year I committed to living life to the fullest.  2015 is going to be insane!  We are leaving for a last minute trip to Cardinals Spring training then to Disney this week!  Yoga studio opens March 28th!  Full Ironman 140.6 mile race in Louisville October 11th. 

I will race the Ironman in honor of Ashley Gordon Farmer.  This race will require ALOT of strength, focus, faith and commitment.  This is how Ashley lived her life.  Her faith, strength, focus and commitment to God has forever changed my life.  I remember always telling her about my workouts for the day and she would say "You did what?  You are crazy girl!". Well Ashley you are coming with me this time!  I miss you so much and I can't wait.

And finally, ON THE EXACT DAY OF MY 40TH BIRTHDAY (Nov 1st) I WILL BE RUNNING THE NEW YORK MARATHON!  I will run this race in honor of Chrissy Rhea-Bauerr. She always loved to hear about my races and told me if she wasn't sick she would be right there with me!!  THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND you will be with me every step of the way.  GOD has truly blessed me!  I love God, my family (especially my husband Mark Damm) for putting up with all my crazy adventures and my beautiful friends who continually push me to be the best I can be!  I would be nothing without yall.  Here is to an AMAZING 2015!!!!  Go conquer a dream this year!!!  You can do it!

Kim Damm