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Karma Yoga

Give peace. Give strength. Give confidence. Give yoga. 

Now with a Karma Yoga Membership, your monthly dues can fund a yoga scholarship for someone who needs financial assistance. Every 4 memberships purchased funds a full scholarship!


New Classes + YoPacks Available

Aerial Yoga Class

Come have fun with us and enjoy some of the traditional yoga postures combined with postures that will have you take flight! A workshop is a required prerequisite for these classes, learn how to get started with Aerial Yoga.

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Mindfully Fit Yopak

This new unlimited class package is a complete accountability fitness program that focuses on your total self, mind, body, and spirit. 

The program includes:

  • Unlimited Yoga & Aerial Yoga membership
  • 1 hour set-up consultation
  • 1 monthly individual 30 minute consultation
  • specialized exercise plan
  • weekly weigh-Ins/measurements
  • weekly private group session
  • weekly group support session
  • weekly nutrition coaching and accountability

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who we are

Ignite Strength + Purify Soul

At Yoga8 we are committed to the 8 limbs of yoga in both ideology and practice: {1} Yama (restraint), {2} Niyama (constraint), {3} Asana (postures and physical fitness) , {4} Pranayama (extending life through breathing exercises), {5} Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal or control), {6} Dharana (concentration), {7} Dhyana (meditation), and {8} Samadhi (being one with God). God is our root and foundation both in our lives and through our time here in the studio. Not only that, our classes are designed to realign your body, strengthen your physique, establish a mind-body connection and most importantly—laughter.

In our culture, we really don’t care about what brand of yoga pants you’re wearing, or how good your handstand is. We care about pushing your endurance to new limits and challenging you to become the best version of yourself. Yoga8 is more than just a toe touch or free-pass to the gym, we believe your time on the mat changes your time off the mat. Yoga isn’t about putting your body in funky positions, it’s about concentrating your mind, flexibility, working on personal strength (inner and outer) and feeling God's presence.

Although yoga can look easy on Instagram, it’s actually pretty intense (especially the amount of yoga-sweat), but fear not—it's a freaking blast. This is a judgement free environment where we find beauty in imperfection. We invite and welcome anyone interested in beginning, continuing, or enhancing their yoga regimen to practice with us.

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breaking in the mat

First Timers

What to bring:

  • Bottle of water
  • Hand towel (for sweat)
  • Clothes for personal yoga comfort
  • Yoga mat (if you have your own, if not no worries)
  • Hot yoga towel (for your mat during heated classes) a regular towel is suggested if you do not have a hot yoga towel.

What is provided:

  • Yoga mats (basic model)
  • Stretch bands & Weights (if needed)

Top 8 Benefits to Yoga

{1}  Relieves all 3 types of stress: the physical stress, emotional stress and chemical stress
{2}  Inner Peace, Calm & Authentic Happiness
{3}  Increased Strength, Physical Conditioning & Posture
{4}  Weight Loss & Weight Management
{5}  Increased Overall Energy & Improved Sleep
{6}  Heightened Mental & Intuitive Awareness
{7}  Improved Hormonal Balance & Detoxification
{8}  Brain Synchronization & Brain Fitness



Depending your personal goals and objectives the following guide could vary (are you seeking yoga to add to your current workout regime or to replace your workout regime). This guide is a good starting point but we encourage a consultation with our instructors. If seeking weight loss from practicing yoga, a low fat diet is suggested for faster results.

1-2 times a week

To achieve increased flexibility, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify internal organs, help recover from an injury or illness 

3-4 times a week

To achieve increased fitness levels, strength, tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify, ultimate mental peace

5+ times a week

To achieve substantial increase in  fitness levels, strength, tone, flexibility, cardiovascular, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, detoxify, ultimate mental peace, mastery of poses



*The "Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants" reminds practitioners that it takes a minimum of two to three sessions a week for eight weeks to measure increases in strength and flexibility from a yoga routine. Yoga8 suggests a minimum of three sessions a week, although yoga should be practice daily. A little yoga every day is better than one long yoga session.