Kimberly Damm

Owner of Yoga8 / 200 RYT Instructor/ ExpertRating Fitness Coach

"Yoga is for every BODY, we will not judge you on your body type, financial stature or any struggles you may currently be experiencing. Instead, we stand here with open arms to embrace, encourage and love you through this journey of life. Please come join us and become part of our family."

Kimberly Damm is a lover of God, family, yoga, people, life, fitness and endurance sports. She has been teaching yoga for the past 5 years in the Waco area. Her mission is to help ALL people find a better quality of life. She created the studio with the intention of having a safe space for all to practice yoga. She is extremely passionate about the healing powers of yoga and is on a a mission to introduce yoga to those who have experienced trauma, those who have lots of stress and anxiety and those who feel that they "do not have" the body to do yoga.  At her studio you are not just a face but she will get to know you on a personal level and help you reach your goals. Community and support is really important to her so her studio provides scholarships for those who need assistance for memberships. 

When she is not teaching yoga at the studio you can find her being a mom and a wife, teaching Relaxation and Fitness at Baylor University, training for Ironman or a marathon, having coffee with friends or studying to become a yoga therapists.

For inspirational reading, check out her blog.


Tomi Petty

200 RYT Instructor / Fitness Coach

Tomi's yoga journey started back in San Francisco, California. It was here that she fell in love with the spiritual aspect of the practice and found that yoga was not only good for her body, but good for her mind as well. 10 years later she is still practicing yoga and loving it. As a certified personal trainer she preaches the benefits of yoga to each and every client, and tries to incorporate it into every program she designs. She spends her down time hiking, traveling, spending time with friends and relaxing with her dog, Watson.


Jessica McGimsey

Owner of Beyond The Mat Yoga Teacher Training / 500 RYT Instructor

Jessica owns Peace Love and Yoga in California and owns her own yoga school named Beyond The Mat. Jessica is a 500 RYT and has been teaching yoga for 10+ years in a very competitive market. Her extremely humble presence creates a very soothing and relaxed environment for her students and teacher trainees. Jessica was trained by one of the greatest alignment based instructors in the nation. Her knowledge and passion in anatomy and alignment will take your practice to the next level. Waco and Yoga8 is extremely blessed to have such a diverse yogi to learn from. Come join her for a class at Yoga8.

Check out her studio www.peaceloveandyoga.com   


Elizabeth Oates

Elizabeth began teaching group fitness classes in 1999. After suffering from severe chronic migraines, her doctor recommended she forgo high impact exercise and pursue yoga and Pilates. She began practicing yoga in 2003 and immediately experienced the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In 2007 she earned her first yoga certification and started teaching yoga with an athletic-based fitness approach in mind. Since then she has enjoyed teaching Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Kids Yoga, Hot Yoga, PiYo, Pilates, and Barre classes for various fitness levels and ages. Elizabeth hopes everyone, from the novice exerciser to the more experienced fitness enthusiast, will try yoga. She guarantees you will walk away feeling relaxed and energized all at the same time!

For inspirational reading, check out her blog http://www.elizabethoates.com


Angela Poucher

200 RYT Instructor

Angela is a very active, passionate and loving person.  She first loves being a mom of two amazing kids and a wife to a wonderful husband.  She is always active juggling her time between her full time job in the aerospace industry, training for a marathon/Ironman, doing yoga and family time.   

In 2014 she was introduced to yoga and knew she had found that final piece of the puzzle to her training program.  Since she has added yoga into her training routine she has had fewer injuries, better mind and breath control while running, swimming or biking.  She also saw a benefit from a personal standpoint.  She works daily to live by the Yamas and Niyamas (first two limbs of the Eight Limbs of Yoga) as well as teaching them as a yoga teacher and a mom to her kids.  She graduated from the “Living Beyond the Mat” 200-hour yoga certification program June of 2016.  Her teaching ambition is to share her passion for yoga and help people connect the mind, body and spirit.  She believes each person is a beautiful child of God and has a beautiful yoga practice no matter if they are new to yoga or an avid Yogi.  


Confetti Llama

200 RYT Instructor

"The green reed that bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak that breaks in the storm." -Confucius

Confetti started doing yoga in 1992 with Denise Austin on TV.   Since then she has been hooked ever since! She has continued her practice through all transitions of life; from military service, college and multiple moves. She believes it has helped her stay healthy both mentally and physically.

She started teaching yoga to a group of post-menopausal women in 2010 when a friend started telling her how much her joints were hurting and she suggested yoga. At the same time she was also working out with a Cross-fit group and she would do yoga after her workouts and others would join her feeling the restoration benefits of yoga.

A fun fact about Confetti is that she has a farm and she may or may not have a llama. Come to class and get to know her for the fun details. 


Laura Wright

200 RYT Instructor

Laura first discovered yoga following a serious car accident during her senior year of college in 2004. She was told by doctors she couldn’t do strenuous exercise for nearly a year, so she bought a beginner’s yoga DVD and began practicing at home. After moving to Austin in 2010, she began attending yoga classes at a local studio. She found that not only did her body feel amazing, but she also improved her self esteem, body image, and her ability to cope with stress and anxiety. She moved to Waco with her husband last year at about the time the Yoga8 studio opened. Here, she has deepened her practice even further by earning her 200-RYT certification in May through Living Beyond the Mat. Laura strongly believes that anyone, regardless of shape, size, and fitness level, can greatly benefit from yoga. She is excited to begin her journey teaching at Yoga8!


Angela Hope

200 RYT Instructor

Angela Hope is 200 Hour Yoga certified in Hatha with an emphasis on alignment.  She guides practices in Healing & Basic yoga & Meditation. Angela lives in Waco with her husband of over 20 years, three teenagers & yellow lab Fiona.

Angela practices & teaches yoga because it stills her mind & instills peace and happiness.


Amber Minnick

200 RYT Instructor

I started doing yoga in college about 5 years ago. My best friend decided to get a cert and needed bodies in class. It was just a time we both got away from college and had a friend date. One of my professors lined up a job for me here in Waco where I knew nobody since I am from Houston. I quickly decided I needed friends, so I came to Yoga8. Yoga quickly was given a different meaning in my life since I was now adulting on my own. It’s still a getaway, but it is now a family for me. I have never been a part of a yoga studio that cares so much about each other. I recently obtained my 200HR RYT certification through Living Beyond the Mat hosted at Yoga8. I am so honored and excited to be guiding my friends/family through practice!


Ann Kohls

200 RYT Instructor

*Bio Coming Soon*


Jana Bland

200 RYT Instructor

Having a fitness background in dance and Pilates, Jana was not sure what to expect when she stepped into her first yoga class – a 90-minute hot class – on a Texas summer day! It only took one (sweaty) class before she was hooked on yoga, specifically hot yoga, and the multitude of benefits the practice has to offer! Jana obtained her 200-RYT certification through Living Beyond the Mat, a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, at Yoga8 in April 2017. Jana teaches our Hot Inspired class, which welcomes yogis of all levels! In her free time, Jana enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with friends, family, and her three dogs.


Lacy Hodges

Lacy has 13 years of experience teaching a wide variety of group fitness classes beginning as an Exercise Physiology major at Texas A&M University. As a physical therapist and certified personal trainer, she knows how to customize a workout to fit the needs of athletes to geriatric clients and also those who may be in pain or need modifications due to injuries. 
During an internship focused on treating patients suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and pelvic floor dysfunction, Lacy began to see the real benefits of yoga.  She believes yoga encompasses a healing power that can equip people  with the ability to manage their own pain through a mind-body-spirit connection, breathing techniques, and realignment of muscular balance. 
With two small children at home, she tries to lead by example while making fitness activities fun for the whole family. Her girls, ages four and six, love taking turns leading exercises and yoga poses or making up obstacle courses in the backyard. She prefers variation in her personal workouts including high intensity cardio bursts (HITT), strength training and vinyasa flow yoga. She is excited to lead a class bringing cardio, strength and flexibility (the three essential components of fitness) to you with Power, Sculpt and Tone.