The Waco area is blessed with exercise gyms of all shapes and sizes. So when it comes to choosing your yoga home, we know you have lots of options for flavors and styles. To give you a chance to get to know ours, we offer a free week of yoga. That way, you can drop in on our many classes, soak in our vibe, and get to know our community of teachers and students.

Here are some other tips to help guide you in your search.

Is the location convenient?

This is often the first hurdle. Try choosing a studio that’s easy to get to from where you live, work, and shop. Because location can actually make a big difference in how regularly you practice. If your studio is a fair drive off your beaten path, you might find it more of a struggle to motivate yourself to go. But if your studio is on your way home from work or the grocery store, it can be easier to make it to the mat.

Is the price right?

Next up, let’s talk money. Gym memberships can get pretty pricey. But we believe that yoga is for everyone. That’s why we offer low drop-in and monthly rates. And you can even sign up for a scholarship. We also don’t charge you if you need to skip a class (we understand that things come up sometimes).

Are the teachers credible and certified?

The studio owner and the other instructors can make a huge difference in your experience with yoga. So you’ll want to take a gander at the instructor bios. To give you an idea, most of our teachers have anywhere from 200 to 500+ hours of yoga teacher training. For more, meet our instructors.

Are there a diverse range of classes and teachers?

You don’t want your exercise routine to become so routine that it’s boring. That’s one of the great things about yoga. There are a range of yoga styles, from the more passive Healing and Yin to the more intense Vinyasa to the fun Aerial. Plus, the instructor then puts their own spin on each class, too. So with our 16+ classes and 15+ instructors, it’s a veritable buffet of variety over here at Yoga8. Plus, we like to throw in workshops throughout the year to spice things up even more.  

Do you want community or anonymity?

Think about the type of group dynamic you thrive in. Are you looking for bigger classes where it’s practically mat to mat and you can feed off the energy of the crowd? Or would you prefer smaller classes with plenty of breathing room and more personalized attention? Maybe you want a studio that offers both, depending on the day. Bigger classes can be a great motivator and can work well when you’re more experienced and don’t need as much hands-on attention. Whereas smaller, more intimate classes can be more effective for those who are newer to yoga.

Are you interested in the holistic benefits of yoga?

Some gyms approach yoga on a purely physical level, teaching you a series of poses and stretches. But the true power of yoga comes from much more than just moving and stretching. In fact, the yoga postures (or asanas) are only one of the 8 limbs of yoga. That’s why other studios (like ours) choose to delve into the many other mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits you can get from this millennia-old practice. A holistic approach to yoga benefits both your body and mind, so it’s a great way to get even more out of your investment in the practice. 

What other elements might make you more comfortable?

There are a lot of other small factors that can make or break your experience with a studio. These can be everything from the temperature of the classes, the music played (if any), or even the lighting. For example, some people might prefer studio with ample natural light, while others enjoy our darker, more “cave-like” cocoon. Over time, as you experiment with different studios, teachers, and styles, you’ll come to recognize what elements you tend to respond to best. 

Did we miss something?

Are there any other factors are important to you in choosing a studio? If so, let us know in the comments. And if you’re ready to give us a try, start your free week today!